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Local Wildlife You Might Find in Your Hills District Garden

Discover the local wildlife you might find in your Hills District garden. Learn about common species, their habits, and tips on how to live harmoniously with them.

Hills District Wildlife

Welcome to another Nazscapes blog post! If you're living in the Hills District and are an avid gardener or nature lover, you've likely encountered some local wildlife in your garden. Here we’ll introduce you to some of the most common creatures you might spot and offer tips on how to live harmoniously with them.

1. Eastern Grey Kangaroo

This iconic Australian animal is commonly seen during dawn and dusk. They are generally peaceful but can cover extensive ground in search of food.

How to Coexist:

  • Provide a natural barrier like a fence to protect your garden.
  • Keep a distance and never feed them.

2. Australian Magpie

These birds are known for their beautiful songs and are often seen foraging for insects on the ground.

How to Coexist:

  • Provide a bird bath for a natural water source.
  • They are protective of their nests, so give them space during breeding season.

3. Ringtail Possum

These small nocturnal creatures are often seen climbing trees and can sometimes be heard at night.

How to Coexist:

  • Provide nesting boxes high up in trees.
  • Protect your fruit trees with netting.

4. Bearded Dragon

These reptiles love basking in the sun and are harmless to humans.

How to Coexist:

  • Provide rock gardens or logs where they can sun themselves.
  • Keep pesticides to a minimum to protect their food source.

5. Blue-Tongue Lizard

A familiar sight in many gardens, these lizards eat snails and can be beneficial for your garden.

How to Coexist:

  • Provide hiding spots like rocks or logs.
  • Keep a shallow dish of water during hot days.


Your garden can be a sanctuary for local wildlife, offering a mutual benefit for both you and the animals. With a little understanding and simple changes, you can turn your garden into a haven for many of these creatures.

If you need more information on how to make your garden more wildlife-friendly, or for any other gardening services in the Hills District, feel free to contact Nazscapes. We’re always happy to help!